Anicet Ebou

Anicet Ebou

Biology informaticized

The purpose of bioSyntax is to bring you closer to your data, giving you an intuitive & empathetic understanding of biology.

bioSyntax integrate seamlessly with vim (Linux / Mac / Win), sublime (Linux / Mac / Win), gedit (Linux / Win), & less (Linux / Mac). After installing bioSyntax files will automatically detected by file-extension.

The projects was developed during hackseq 2017 and won the hackathlon.

I’m really proud to be a part of the bioSyntax team and of this project. This was my first experience of an hackathlon and spending hours coding on my laptop (with jet lag as hackseq took place in Vancouver) was a great challenge.

The bioSyntax will give you clear and rapid correct visalization of your biological files without having to use dedicated software.

For more informations, contributions, remarks or comment please visit the biosyntax site.

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